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Tiny Medicine

Tiny medicine is our goal at Red Sage Integrative Veterinary Partners, as we get ready to open our doors in the coming weeks.

But lets explore a little more about what that means...

In the busy and overloaded world we live in, sometimes it is important to take a step back and focus on what is the most important to us. What takes the greatest precedent? Both Lindsey and I have little ones starting school this year, and that gave us both a unique opportunity to reflect on that very question. Certainly, we have both been important if not paramount in our children’s upbringing, but is there more that can be done? More connection? More quality time? More support?

And so, it has been with the age old question, “Can I have my cake and eat it too?” that this idea of tiny medicine was born. What if we could provide high quality medicine to a small number of patients and clients, but still achieve the work-life balance and the connection with family (both two and four-legged) that we both so crave?

Tiny, derived from the Middle English word tine, means very small. Lindsey and I will limit our hours and appointments to the point that you may feel frustrated with our availability at times. But what you will find, is our commitment to those within the community of patients at Red Sage are truly in partnership with us. I believe this will also grow in to a community that knows, trusts and loves one another. A partnership between vet and client or vet and patient will not extend to a tight-knit community that will support one another, care for one another and respect one another in ways that are forgotten or glossed over in our everyday, busy existence.

In this new practice, which will focus on overall wellness through integrative medicine and physical medicine, we will partner with the other veterinary professionals that are important in your pet’s life to ensure they get the best and most comprehensive care possible. There will be time to schedule consultations with you or other specialists treating your pet. There will be urgent appointments available daily. By limiting the number of patients we take, we’ll be better able to care for those that seek out this highly specialized care in the tiny medicine setting. The enjoyment and reward for us, as veterinary professionals, will be sustainable even as we raise our children and prioritize our families. And the community, friendship and love we will generate will be enormous.


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