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Red Sage Palliative Care Services

We have sensed a great need for a palliative care program to better support our clients through the end-of-life experience of their pets. A dedicated team will be available to support you through medical care and decision-making. Bereavement and grief counseling will be available on site as we recognize the emotional toll this can take on our clients.


Red sage is a human-animal bond centered practice and aligns a pet’s medical needs with the emotional needs of their humans. Our hospice program will have a designated veterinarian, Dr. Jeret Benson DVM, CCRP, CVMA, who is also completing her Hospice & Palliative Care Certification through The International Association for Hospice & Palliative Care. Our staff is also comprised of a licensed social worker, Jamie Gross, MA, MSW, LSW, AASW, certified in animal-assisted social work through University of Denver’s Institute of Human-Animal Connection and she understands the unique and exceptional relationship you have with your pet. And Jennae Miler, Red Sage’s Administrative Director and the Hospice Program’s Creative Counsel is available to coordinate care and support client’s through case management. Pet parents will be provided with compassionate care during their time with us. 

Palliative Care Services

Red Sage is proud to offer the following services related to our hospice program. For more details, or to discuss a plan best suited for your family, please contact us. 

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Care Calls

Support outside of office visits that allow the client to discuss current struggles with their pet’s care and provide updates to your veterinarian.

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Support Groups

A group environment to find support with others struggling with the loss of their pets.


Grief Counseling

Psychotherapy to help cope with the loss, or anticipated loss, of your beloved pet.

Red Sage strives to provide compassionate care to both our pet patients and our clients. Interested persons can inquire about services in office or via email.

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