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New Patient Information 

Use the form below to tell us more about you and your pet.  This will be submitted to our team and we'll be in touch with you during normal business hours in the next 1-2 days.

**This form works best on laptop or desktop- do not use a mobile device to fill out.**


In human medicine, Patient-Centered Care is a model in which the patient (or in this case, you the pet’s person) has an important role in guiding the framework of therapy.  This is the way we practice at Red Sage, we truly see it as a partnership with you and your pet.  It is important for us to know what your vision for medical care is, so that we can make a plan that will work best for your family.  

Our collaboration with you will be key to developing an excellent plan for your pet, but it is helpful for us to know ahead of time how boldly you would like to pursue diagnostic tests and treatments for your pet.  This does not necessarily mean aggressive or invasive treatments, but the speed and thoroughness of the treatment plan- in other words, the step-by-step approach or the kitchen sink approach.  This combined with the goals listed above, and our evaluation, will help us come up with the most compatible treatment plan for your family. 

Red Sage strives to offer quantitative measures of patient progress. To aid in this, please fill out the following survey for your pet to give us an idea of your pet's current status. 

Thank you for the information, we look forward to seeing you soon! Please help us request related records from other veterinarians, including any labwork or x-rays done in recent months & years!

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