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Use of Rehabilitation Therapy in Palliative Care Patients

Three of our doctors have published a paper on rehabilitative therapy in palliative care patients within veterinary medicine and it is now available to read online! We are so proud of Dr. Jeret Benson, Dr. Lindsey Fry and Dr. Jessica Rychel and are so incredibly lucky to have them as such integral members of our team. Red Sage values being data and research driven and is excited to continue to contribute to scientific developments in the world of rehabilitative medicine and pain management.

Key points of the paper:

  • Palliative rehabilitation can reduce caregiver burden and enhance professional satisfaction for the rehabilitation practitioner.

  • Applying the disablement model can aid in the identification of treatment targets for palliative care patients and guide intervention selection.

  • Functional-targeted treatment employs all available pharmacologic interventions and rehabilitation modalities to achieve appropriate goals for the patient and family.

  • Treatments should not be withheld due to lack of diagnostics but selected with careful weighting of risk and benefit for the individual patient.

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