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Gait Analysis

We're ecstatic to share our newest technological
investment at Red Sage- the state-of-the-art zebris CanidGait® treadmill system, revolutionizing canine gait analysis at our practice. This advanced technology allows our veterinary team to precisely assess your dog's movement patterns, identify subtle gait abnormalities, and tailor treatment plans with unparalleled accuracy, ensuring optimal care for your
four-legged family member.

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What will my report look like?


What information does the report contain?

  • Pressure/Force Distribution: Shows how your dog's weight is spread across each paw, helping identify if they're favoring certain limbs.

  • Body Weight Percentage: Indicates how much of your dog's weight is on each leg, revealing potential imbalances.

  • Step Length and Width: Measures how long and wide each step is, which can show if your dog is compensating for discomfort.

  • Stride Length: Shows how far your dog moves in one complete step cycle, indicating overall mobility.

  • Hind Reach: Measures how far the back legs extend, which can reveal hip or lower back issues.

  • Cadence: Counts steps per minute, giving insight into your dog's overall gait rhythm.

  • Stance Phase: Shows how long each paw stays on the ground, potentially indicating pain or weakness if one is shorter.

  • Swing Phase: Measures how long each paw is in the air, which can reveal mobility issues if uneven.

  • Double Stance Phase: Indicates when two paws are on the ground simultaneously, showing balance and stability.

  • Center of Pressure (COP) Movement: Visualizes how your dog's weight shifts during movement, revealing overall gait patterns.

  • Combined COP Density: Displays the overall pattern of weight distribution, helping identify unusual shifts or imbalances.

  • Separate COP Density: Shows individual pressure patterns for each paw, allowing detection of subtle differences between limbs.

Our investment in this technology reflects our commitment to your pet's well-being and our dedication to staying at the forefront of veterinary medicine. With this gait analysis system, we're not just treating symptoms – we're gaining a deeper understanding of your dog's unique movement patterns to ensure they live their happiest, healthiest, and most active life possible.

Please reach out to the front desk or discuss with your doctor if you are interested

in learning more or scheduling your dog for a gait analysis appointment! 

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