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A place for inventive rehabilitation solutions For Pets and their Owners  


Our Mission

To offer compassionate individualized care for veterinary patients suffering from pain, decreased mobility, illness, or injury partnering with both patient and owner to achieve and maintain a thriving quality of life. 

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Meet Our Practitioners 

 We share a strong commitment to both our patients and the families that care for them and are dedicated to creating their optimal care plans. We understand the importance of listening both with ears and hands to understand the needs that are unique to each patient we treat. We draw on both a solid knowledge base in the areas of internal medicine, pain management, rehabilitation, and sports medicine and an inventive creative spirit to tailor plans to individual needs. 

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1006 Luke Street

Fort Collins, CO 80524

Email us: 

Open- Monday - Friday

Hours Vary by Day (9-4)

morning and later afternoon appointments may also be available - contact us for availability 


Text or call us:

General Inquiries:

Internal Medicine:



In Case of Emergency 

Please contact your primary care veterinary office or the closest 24 hour emergency facility. We do not have emergency hours.   

New Client Forms: 

Please fill out the form appropriate to the service you would like to see! 

For Dr. Prause and Internal Medicine Services (organ failure/disease, hormonal disorders, auto -immune disease, etc)

For Rehab/ Physical Therapy/ Pain Management/ Acupuncture/Regenerative Therapies (Orthopedic, Neurologic, Musculoskeletal etc.)

Red Sage Counseling Services

In an effort to provide integrative care focused on supporting our patients and their human counterparts, Red Sage is offering clinic counselor services to our clients. We understand the human-animal bond and the important role that your pet has in your life. Our hope is to provide you with additional support during your pet’s health struggles or end-of-life journey. Services will be provided by our clinic counselor, a licensed social worker certified in animal-assisted social work.

Red Sage Hospice program

We developed a hospice program in order to better support our clients through their pets' end of life.  A dedicated team of a veterinarian, social worker, and case manager will support you through difficult decision-making and your pet's medical care. 

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