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Red Sage and COVID-19 UpDate

Hi Red Sage Family,


During this time of shut-downs and quarantines, we want to acknowledge that for many of us, our pets are a large reason we can enjoy our time at home a little more.  They stand by us and help to lessen the blow of scary world news and illness in our community.  Don’t forget to carve out some focused time with them each day.  To thank them.  To love them.    


We are fortunate enough to live in a society and state that values animals as much as we do.  To that end, veterinary businesses are considered essential/critical and will remain open even during a “Stay-At-Home” executive order.  That includes Red Sage, as what we do is critical to the comfort, well-being and quality of life of the animals we care for here. 


Here is some updated information about what is happening at the clinic: 


1. Drop-off appointments have been smooth for pets and their people.  We maintain our social distance as we hand off leashes, and bring pets into a newly cleaned room with our freshly washed hands.  We have scheduled time between appointments to ensure enough time to clean between each pet.  


2. Prescriptions are being filled as usual, but for pick up we are utilizing a pick-up box just outside the front door.  Let us know when you’ll be by to pick up meds, and we’ll have them waiting for you.  Payments can be made over the phone or with a card on file.  We very much appreciate the business, and it allows you to skip the lines and the contact at human pharmacies.  Please note that even with the current “Stay-At-Home” order, picking up prescriptions for pets is considered an essential activity.  


3. We are well stocked with No-Hide chew bones, Bones-Du-Jour dog treats, Pill Pockets, freeze-dried chicken/beef treats and even a small selection of dog food (Nature’s Logic).  Let us know if you’d like any of these to be added to your prescription pick-up or appointment. 


4. As many of you know, a number of us have school-aged children.  We are maintaining our normal number of cases at Red Sage to ensure availability for your pets, while balancing the needs of our kids at home.  You may experience some shifting in scheduled days for each of us as we learn what the following weeks and months will hold for home-schooling for the kids.  If any changes are required for your pet, we will reach out to you directly.  


5. Cleanliness is now, more than ever, of the utmost importance.  Deep cleaning every morning, hourly cleaning throughout the day and additional professional cleaning are helping us to ensure we keep pets and their people safe when visiting Red Sage.  Please don’t enter the clinic, and don’t mind us if we’re taking a wide berth to achieve social distancing when we hand-off your leash.  We’re trying very hard to ensure that we can maintain community safety though these trying times.  


After seeing several pets who were really in need this week, it was a good reminder that what we do is truly critical.  Many of you have reminded us of that in the last couple of weeks as well.  Thanks for every ounce of support and love - we intend to remain open and healthy through the coming weeks and months to ensure we’ll be here to care for your four-legged family. 


In love and health, 


All of us at Red Sage


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