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Red Sage Pricing Information

This is a basic guide of Red Sage pricing and does not include all of our offerings. For more details or specifics, please reach out to us. 

Appointment types and pricing 

Integrative Medicine Visit - $186.49

  • 45 minutes with a DVM - acupuncture, manual therapy, evaluation, treatment planning, nutrition & supplement consultation, medication adjustment

Therapeutic Exercise with a Technician-Rehab Practitioner- $96.77

  • 30-45 minute appointment - therapeutic exercise, home exercise planning, NEMS, ultrasound and phonophoresis, massage, traction, case planning 

Ketamine Infusions

Ketamine Therapy

  • 4-5 hour constant rate infusion (CRI) of ketamine- $394.82

Shockwave Therapy & Emtt 

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy - Per Site - $150

  • 15-20 minutes of extracorporeal shockwave therapy per site.

Electromagnetic Transduction Therapy- $75 

  • The first EMTT treatment in one week is $75, the second treatment in one week is $50.

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