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Therapeutic Exericses and Athletic Conditioning 


Additional Resources 

This is an article from DVM360 that is a good overview of therapeutic exericse for dogs and some of the common goals. 

This is a study about dogs participating in a therapeutic exercise program after having a knee surgey and the documented benfits, published in teh AVMA joirnal in 2002. 

Mobility is critical to maintaining comfort and function for the highest level athletes and also patients recovering or coping with serious or chronic injury and disease. Therapeutic exercises are designed based on careful assessment of the patient and a specific set of goals.  Goals can include strengthening of muscles that are weak or atrophied, neuromuscular training to encourage more appropriate and safe muscle firing, flexibility and improved range of motion in the joints or back, improved balance and prorioception,  injury prevention, competition preperation, and many more. 

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